Introducing Nightwave’s new EP : Wavejumper

If you remember the importance of Paul Scholes’ role in modern football – that would be the exact explanation of Nightwave’s role in modern electronic dance music. Our interviewee Nightwave is a producer, DJ, label owner, radio host, vocalist, club night host, meme queen etc. It’s interesting that Maya Medvešek, which is her real name, is born in the Balkans – Ljubljana, Slovenia to be exact. Maya started producing in 2010 under 8Bitch pseudonym but quickly changed to Nightwave in 2011. During years, Maya released her tracks for labels such as: Svetlana Industries, Fortified Audio, Unknown to the Unknown, and many more. With “Wavejumper” EP, Nightwave safeguarded her place as one of the most wanted artists right now releasing for top notch USA label Fool’s Gold – really dope etiquette, with artist roster expanding from A-Trak, Nina Las Vegas, Rome Fortune, High Klassified to Danny Brown, Brenmar, Leaf, Black Atlass and now Nightwave.

How long did you work on your new EP “Wavejumper” ?

About a year, along with all the changes, adaptations, waiting for it to come out… It’s always a long process!


Where do you draw your influences from ?
I had a tough year last year so I wanted to make a really fun record to get me out of my bad mood. The most notable influences are probably old rave tunes, grime, Jersey Club, some rap… It feels like music you’d play at an after party in Glasgow or what I’d play getting ready to go out with my girlfriends. Fun with people you love.


What type of music (or which artists) do you listen to when away from your creative process ?
I mainly listen to jazz, r&b, grime, dancehall, reggae… I still go out to a lot (way too old but still), so I get to hear all the club inspiration I need then. My cats sadly don’t like techno


Since you’re from Slovenia and you played in Serbia, what do you think about the scene/vibe in this region ?
I love Serbia. Love the place, love the people and the energy. Have lots of respect for the music and the dedication from people like Feloneezy, Jackie Dagger, Lil Taty… You know you’re gonna have THE BEST time playing in Belgrade.


What are the differences between Ljubljana’s and Belgrade’s club scene ? What do you think about the crowd in both cities ?
To be honest I’ve lived in the UK for so long I feel really out of touch and sadly I don’t get to play back home as often as I’d like. I couldn’t possibly choose which town is better. * angel emoji *


Now that the EP is out and if you could change something, what would that be ?
Hmm. You know what, this EP is my first body of work where I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happy with it and happy to move on to the next challenge, next record.


Can you give some advice to up & coming producers ?
Don’t compare yourself, don’t try and copy other work – eventually you will develop confidence in your own personal style. Don’t give up – things take time and it’s all a big game of press, promo, DJs… Don’t let the initial lack of support discourage you. Have realistic expectations as well – don’t leave your job because you got one gig and a bit of press, plan far ahead.


What’s the weirdest sound you’ve sampled in your tunes ?
Maybe… Trainers, cats, weird water sounds… Pretty normal stuff actually!


What’s the most bizarre song request you’ve had during your DJ sets ?
Shakira, Ricky Martin… Also a guy in Switzerland asked me to play Mojo – Lady about 5 times and I didn’t play it but after my set he said ‘Thanks so much for playing my request!!’ Weird haha.


What is your favorite part of making a beat and what annoys you the most?
Oh man… About 80% of it is hard work and fucking boring to be honest! The initial idea is when I get most excited, when a song starts to take shape.


What is your favorite Fool’s Gold record so far?
Omg I can’t choose… I’ll say Danny Brown!


Some (all time) favorite tune for our readers?
Lady Saw – Man Is The Least 


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