Vampir presents Aleksandra Perović

Name, occupation / What you do for for a living / What do you do creatively ?

Aleksandra Mihajlović, Graphic designer from Belgrade / I do a lot of things connected with visual presentation of a certain brand. Usual things like graphic design, web design, etc / Photography.


What is it that interests you about photography ?

The majority of my photos were constructed by simulating situations that don’t commonly occur in reality. This happens spontaneously and fortuitously. The participants (subjects) are the people I meet on the street whom I approach directly. We work on the scene together, but our collaboration takes no longer than 3 minutes, after which we part. In this way, an ordinary passer-by gets a chance to be the accidental participant in the creative process. I put discordant elements into a relation and build the composition from it.


What is the motivation behind your work ?

Isolating certain segments into the frame  and connecting elements that look like they are not relate to one another are my main motivation when taking a photo. Also, playing with the objects I find within the reach in short time. It adds adventures feel to the whole process. 


Who are you inspired by ?

Photographers that I’m forever fond of are Alex Webb, Cindy Sherman. Lately, the work of English conceptual artist Mark Leckey has caught my attention and the themes of Melanie Banjo.


Who’s instagram is your favorite atm ?

Besides food, kids and images of the cloudy sky I find this girl very interesting Julia Vins.



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