Vampir presents Adam Wilkoszarski

After Season ongoing series

“Leisure consists of both equally time and place, as well as some idea. Along with the late modernity space and time blurred, the structure of organized labor forced to create an equally organized structure of free time and getaway. After season focuses on the backstage of this structure, which produces places suspended in a time. The structured free time industry stops at the end of vacations, emptying. The people had their holidays and for a while all those resorts become unnecessary, frozen and ready to receive the thousands of organized tourists that will come again. This cycle repeats endlessly, and in each of these places you can feel the gentle but still palpable trace of memories of leisure – the idea lacking accurate coordinate and time frames.“

Name, occupation / What you do for for a living / What do you do creatively ?

My name is Adam Wilkoszarski and I’m a photographer.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream of living ?

I live in Poznań/Poland. I love my hometown but  think it’s not very  inspiring. I have a thing for Spain and Portugal at the moment and those are my top places to visit.


What is it that interests you about photography ?

I’m interested in documentary photography with a social aspect. I’m looking for places where private spaces intertwine with public ones. Also, photography is a good tool to try to capture memories.


What are you working on atm ?

Right now I’m between projects and working on my never ending „After season”, which I’m showing here.


How long have you worked on this project ?

I started it when I was doing a bachelor`s degree and I’m working on it every once in a while.  


What was the inspo behind this project ?

It’s interesting how human memory works and how it stores images from the past. I wonder to what extent good memories are universal to all people.


Whose work are you inspired by ?

I’m really enjoying Alec Soth, Alexander Gronsky, Mitch Epstein but also artists like Rineke Dijkstra.


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