Sharing is Caring by KO

The Allegory of the Long Spoons is a parable which portrays the difference between heaven and hell. Wherein heaven a table of people feed each other, happily sated, in hell the person starves alone as the spoon is too long and the food can’t reach their mouth. Taking place in New York’s Central Park, this picnic between friends is an ode to the importance of sharing. In a city full of people we often find ourselves the most lonely, desperate and unsatisfied. Like the parable, our shoot is intended to encourage people to help one another. It is only through this support that we survive.


KO is an ongoing collaboration between Megan Kiantos and Courtney Owen. Melbourne born and New York based, the creative partners direct, style and photograph editorial-like shoots, creating visual style guides that simultaneously embrace and critique consumer culture. The KO landscape is informed and inspired by geographical and cultural context, and basic aesthetics of colour, form and functionality. Each series represents a direct interaction with a locale, both people and place, and a relentless fascination with cultural difference across the world.

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