Vampir presents YU: The Lost Country by Dragana Jurišić

Dragana Jurišić was born in Yugoslavia, a country that does not exist. At Easter 2011 she began her journey through the places that once formed this vanished entity. Jurišić’s book YU: The Lost Country is her journey to the places of her youth haunted by the identity killed in blood. Her sold out book is guiding the viewers with images and short notes relating to her memories of a country that once was. “I call myself an ‘exile’ and not an expatriate,” Jurišić says, “because I can’t – even if I wanted to – return ‘home’.” YU: The Lost C.  Her journey to her home country that is no more was inspired by the Anglo – Irish writer, Rebecca West, who has travelled that path in 1937. Almost a century later, Jurišić retraced West’s journey, and re-interpreted her masterpiece by using photography and text. With her book YU: The Lost Country, Jurišić depicted a highly personal and touching journey in an abstract and detached way, presenting the lost country through the only eyes it can be seen. 


At the end of her book Jurišić reveals: “The story of me as a photographer starts on the day when my family apartment got burned down together with the thousands of prints and negatives my father, an ardent amateur photographer, had accumulated. On that day, I became one of those ‘refugees’ with no photographs, with no past … That day I learned the power photography has over memory. The day after the fire was the last time my father took a photograph, a perfunctory snapshot to record the damage for the insurance company. When he stopped, I started.”


Photography ~ Dragana Jurišić

Text ~ Ljuba Slavković

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