Introducing Pavle Nikolić

Name, occupation 

Pavle Nikolić, high school student.


What you do creatively ? 

I make photos, sometimes draw.


Where do you live ?

On the top of a hill in Niš, Serbia.


What do you call home ? 

I feel at home when I’m anywhere near the Bovan lake. I wish I could stay in a wooden house near this lake forever, surrounded by the untouched forest over there.


What is it that interests you about photography ? 

Certain photos and artworks make me “feel” colors orange or green. I can’t explain it, but I like those the most.


What are you working on atm ? 

I pay very close attention when making photos, and I like when the finished product looks simple but is actually very complex. Because of this, I very rarely make photography projects, I like every photo to stand on its own.


Whose work are you inspired by ? 

This is a big one: the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi, Yann Faucher, Posternaks, Beth Kirby (Local Milk), Natasha Braier, Nicholas Winding Refn, Ren Hang, Igor Pjörrt, Yolande Gagnier, Eric Charles Peterson, Joss McKinley.


Whose instagram is your favorite atm ? 

Currently, I really like Thomas Slack, Zhenya Posternak, Mansur Gavriel, Josiah Douglas Bice.

” They’re eating melon at 5, the tea is long gone. Each of them throws a gaze once in awhile under the covers which half-cover the terrace door, to see the same thing again and again – green grass and concrete, the shadow of a soccer ball flying high across the neighbor’s huge yard, kicked by one of the young twin boys which look nothing alike. As the covers were down just enough to keep the inside of the house at the perfect temperature, the people inside were in half-light. Plate in one hand, a wet fork in the other, he places both items next to the kitchen sink. Chewing one last piece of melon, he exits the room and heads outside, someone needs to water the garden. Two elderly women are still sitting inside, now one of them made coffee. They talk about their time spent in London. One of these women still lives there, in London, while the other one vividly remembers those times nearly 40 years ago when she would spend summers at her cousin’s house over there, running through fields and forests in nothing but a small dress.” P. N.

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