Pani Paul – Mile End

East London skate park study

Pani Paul‘s “Mile End” is a portrait based study of a skate park based in east London. The premiss of the project is to show appreciation to the unique people who populate the park and surrounding areas on a daily basis. His avoidance of ‘gritty’ cliches, choosing instead to beautifully light and compose his photographs reveals the respect and reverence Pani has for the people he photographs, A selection of Pani‘s photographs of Mile End — a pair of tracksuits wheelying a Boris Bike, disembodied legs hanging over a chain-link fence, a fresh freckled face in a crew neck sweater — are collected in this book as a document of his time spent in the area as an adopted local.


Pani Paul is an Australian photographer living and working in London. He specialises mainly in portraiture and documentary work.


– Shelly Jones

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