Mihailo By Lola Paprocka

Name, occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

My name is Lola Paprocka. I only just started to be able to live from my photography. Working on commercial project as a duo with my partner Pani Paul. Creatively I publish books and run Palm* Studios-platform promoting artists and photographers through online features, exhibitions and events.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live and work in London. I’m originally from Poland but have lived in London for 15 years so it feels like home more than my motherland.


What is it that interests you about photography ?

I guess pretty cliche, meeting people and traveling.


What are you working on atm ?

We just published a project called Ed Forbis, our first collaboration with Pani Paul. It’s a story about the former stunt-riding cowboy from the iconic Marlboro commercials of the 1980’s. I’m also working on the new book with Brian Kanagaki. It will feature 6 artists work and hopefully will be out at the end of 2017.


Whose work are you inspired by ?

I really like Jan Kempenaers, Rodland Torbjorn and Nigel Shafran.



Photography  ~ Lola Paprocka

Model ~ Mihailo Prostran

Styling ~ Mima Bulj 






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