Introducing Robyn Daly

Name, occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

Robyn Daly / I work in furniture making / my creative outlet is photography.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I currently live in Melbourne / home is somewhere between NZ and Australia and anywhere my lover is / I dream to live in many different places in the future I like moving around and getting a little taste of the big wide.


What is it that interests you about photography ?

What interests me most about photography is its ability to strike you in the heart! I love it when an image makes me feel a passionate human emotion and scramble my initial judgments. Like after watching a great film.


What are you working on atm ?

Right now I’m working on a new series for a book / exhibition. Not sure yet if it’s a solo project or with a friend. It’s going to be quite new for me in terms of content. I’m also learning how to make my own frames which is exciting.  


How long have you been working on this ?

I’ve been playing around with both old and new photos for the last week – pinning cheap 6×4 prints to the bedroom wall making visual and narrative connections and starting to map it all out.


What was the inspo behind this project ?

The inspiration behind this series came after I moved back to Melbourne after a brief and very inspiring stint in Europe. I wanted to challenge what I found comfortable and create a tension at the same time. Both in my lifestyle and in my pictures. It’s fun to draw out the beauty in anxiety and uncertainty there’s a lot to be discovered there!


Who’s work are you inspired by ?

I’m increasingly becoming inspired by music over visual stuff. I think that comes from discovering loads of new music lately – it happened organically and I find it helps to essentialise my thoughts and make them more streamlined / coherent. If something’s being played in the room it becomes associated with whatever I’m feeling at the time, and I can refer back to it for those same thoughts and internal conflicts. Lyrically too my mind is being opened up to a more cryptic / poetic / articulate way of expressing my ideas. Walking around unfamiliar streets with music will always be the most inspiring thing for me. That, and visiting a show by an artist I really admire. I’m forever inspired by my friends and constantly being impressed and proud of what they create. Whether it’s in fashion, music, sculpture, photography, tattoos – I love seeing the art that’s created from people I know so well – it’s totally an extension of their personality, like tapping into a part of their psyche that can only be expressed through that medium. Knowing the real venerability that goes into their unique work inspires me to always go with what my heart says!!


Who’s instagram is your favorite atm ?

These are a few insta accounts never cease to impress me ~ Coley Brown, Peter Sutherland, Cody LaneLula CucchiaraTodd FisherАna Kraš.


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