Introducing New Zealand Photographer Jake Mein

Name, occupation / What you do for a living? / What you do creatively?

Jake Mein, photographer. To pay the rent I work editorial and commercial photo commissions. Creatively, I like the photo book medium although I’m relatively new to it. It helps you focus on a single project.


Where do you live at the moment? / Where do you call home? / Where do you dream to live?

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. Not sure exactly where home is? I guess I dream to spend a little time living in a lot of places.


What is it that interests you about art?

I think part of it is nostalgia, seeing something in a certain way and trying to document it. And it’s all I’ve ever really done.


What is the inspiration behind your work? / Who inspires you?

All my friends who have a wide variety of practices, seeing what they produce is the biggest motivator for me. I’ve been revisiting Morgan Ashcom’s book “What the Living Carry” a lot lately.


Whose Instagram is your favorite at the moment?

James Tolich’s is really good & my friend sandy.bev.

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