Introducing Kristijan Smok

Name, occupation / What you do for a living? / What you do creatively?

My name is Kristijan Smok I am a restaurateur. My daily job is restauration and conservation of buildings – Stucco.


Where do you live at the moment? / Where do you call home? / Where do you dream to live?

I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I call Zagreb my home. Dream to live? Hard to tell… Every month somewhere else, probably. There are too many places that I haven’t seen in my country. But I would like to live in some busy city somewhere in the world for a while. I need that for my new type of photography. I moved a little bit from skateboarding/concerts towards street photography.


What is it that interests you about art?

Right now, I am mostly interested in people. Their life, their stories, their faces, their gestures.


What is the inspiration behind your work? / Who inspires you?

I used to be afraid to take photos of total strangers on the street. It was intimidating. Now, I find my inspiration in making a connection with total strangers on the street, photographing them, occasionally listening to their stories and sharing my story with them. At the moment I am inspired by some old masters of street photography – Joel Mayerowitz, Garry Winogrand, William Klein…


Whose Instagram is your favorite at the moment?

I don’t know. Every day I find some new favorite.

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