Introducing Dušan Rajić


Name, occupation / what you do for $ / what you do creatively?

Dušan Rajić / Visual Artist / I do a few different things for work related to visual arts – photography, illustration, paintings and installations.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live in Belgrade, Serbia. That’s my home. I would maybe like to live somewhere by the sea one day, but for now I’m ok here. Belgrade holds a certain urban craziness that I can relate to. It’s a little schizophrenic with the city’s classical building structure, mixed with urban communism – there is no particular consistency. It has been bombed / destroyed so many times yet still manages to maintain a lot of charm & chaos, which can be seen through the architecture and people that inhabit it.


What is it that interests you about photography ?

For me photography is interesting both visually and technically, comparing the final result with the picture I initially envision. The subject itself is the most important – the people in the picture and their behaviour in situations, which range from super bizarre to very normal.


What was the inspo behind your work & who are you inspired by ?

I admire a lot of people’s work but my own inspiration comes from everyday life and everything in my surroundings. Growing up in Belgrade has influenced my work a lot especially in an artistic way. If I grew up in a peaceful suburban place, my work wouldn’t hold the same value of inspiration behind it, as it seems to now. That tends to be translated across all the different visual media I’m involved in. Whether it’s paintings or photography, the overall topic is always similar with the same message behind it, but it’s visually presented slightly differently.


Who’s instagram is your favorite atm ?

Sasha KurmazBrad Downey, Rodland.jpgPeter van Agtmael.


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