Evidence by Harry Culy & Sam Stephenson

Evidence is a two-person photography exhibition which aims to encourage discussion about mental health in Australia and New Zealand. The project consists of two complimentary bodies of work by each artist, with framed images, a publication, and an installation of found objects at China Heights Gallery in Sydney .


The  Gap by  Harry Culy – presents a meditative look at an ever-changing horizon; a gap between sky and sea. This series was photographed looking east across the Tasman sea from the cliffs at Sydney’s south head between 201402016. Inspired by colour field painting these pictures are studies of light and colour, stillness and movement, and the tension that exist between the two. Beneath the images of intense natural beauty lies a dark history. Don Ritchie (9 June 1925 – died 13 May 2012) was a member of the royal Australian navy and a successful life insurance salesman. He lived opposite Jacobs ladder beside the cliffs at an area named the gap in Sydney Australia. He would offer distressed strangers a cup of tea and kindness. It is estimated that he has saved the lives of over 400 people.


Lived Experience by Sam StephensonSam has been documenting his kith for over 10 years. Realizing how common it is for individuals to have mental health concerns, he has recently sought to engage in conversations about mental health with his friends. He started making portraits of those closest to him in their personal space and then had the sitter write some text about their lived experience on the print. The aim of the project is to reach out to people to feel normal about ups and downs, to shed light on delusions and paranoia, and in doing so, squash the stigma associated with mental health while creating a greater awareness.


The exhibition may be viewed until October 20th 2017 at the China Heights Gallery in Sydney – viewing by appointment only.




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