Ed Forbis by Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul


Ed Forbis is a photo story about a former stunt riding cowboy for the some of the most iconic Marlboro commercials of the 1980’s. After a long career as a traveling Marlboro cowboy, Ed Forbis now lives and works at the Grand Canyon packing Mules and caring for the Horses that are used by rangers and tour guides. Now far removed from the limelight, Ed is living a simpler life, staying connected with nature and the animals. This story was photographed at Ed’s current home on the south rim of The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.


The exhibition can be viewed at Exposure in Soho, London (22–23 Little Portland Street, W1W 8BU) until March 31st. 


Photography ~ Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul



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