Meet Belgrade Artist: Mihailo Prostran

Name, occupation / What you do for a living? / What you do creatively?

My name is Mihailo. Painting and illustration is my field, and I also work on various kinds of projects. One of them is Palmas Boutique, a multi-brand shop and gallery based here in Belgrade where I work with some friends.


Where do you live at the moment? / Where do you call home? / Where do you dream to live?

I live in Belgrade, my hometown. I’m always interested to travel and maybe stay someplace for a while, but I think I would like Belgrade to be my base.


What is it that interests you about art?

I am interested in all the ways that someone can express themselves through any form of art­, the way that you can materialize your inner world, and the way that others perceive and sense it.


What is the inspiration behind your work? / Who inspires you?

I am mostly inspired by everyday city life. By this, I mean the chaos and business that people are stuck in, and on the other hand trying to find their own individual peace and quiet.


Whose Instagram is your favorite at the moment?

@cityofworms   @kenkagami

View more of Mihailo’s work here…

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