Maja Đorđević: Prepares for her New York Show

Name , occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

Maja Đorđević, artist  / paint & make art both creatively and for a living.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live in Belgrade, I work and paint in Belgrade. I love Belgrade. I grew up here, have lovely parents, a younger sister Masa & friends. I have two great studios to work from. One is at the top of my building it’s very small, but has a huge balcony with panoramic views of the city. The other one has a shit view, but the space is huge so i can spread out across bigger formats and paint more than one at a time.


What is the motivation behind your work ?

I can get excited and find inspo in everything, I hope no one takes that away from me. I put my rose tinted glasses on and I see things as prettier than what they sometimes are. I love to talk, entertain people, drink coffee. I love to walk, I love instagram. Love to draw while listening to Zdravko Čolić. Love to paint. I love that through my work I can take any situation, whether it’s happy, cheerful, sad or stressful and present it in a playful & entertaining way. I even manage to make myself laugh… I love my job. I’m a believer, a hard worker and I’m very persistent in what I do, that’s why I’ve had some great things happen to me. Shortly after my graduation I was privileged enough to show my work in group shows alongside some international artists whose work I have admired for years. Thanks to my paintings I’ve travelled to interesting places. Other than Serbia where I had a few solo & group exhibitions, I have also exhibited work with U10 gallery at Liste Art Fair in Basel, then at  Mykonos Contemporary art gallery Dio Horia and at The Hole in NYC. Also for the last 3 years I’ve worked in an art studio teaching kids between to paint, which is wonderful… As much as they learn from me, I learn from them. They influence my work a lot. Kids are so direct, imaginative & happy – they fill me with positive energy.


What are you working on atm ?

I must admit in the last 3 months I’ve been working A LOT, I’ve barely left the studio. Firstly i worked on “The 21 project”, an exhibition at the The Twenty One art restaurant in Athens organised by Contemporary art platform Dio Horia. For this project I did a series called “I don’t even know what i’m upset about” of 21 small size artworks. Now, my paintings are taking me to NYC which I’m really excited about. I’m proud to be exhibiting at The Hole NYC gallery this February, it’s a two person show called “Body Building” along with artist Anja Salonen. For this show I’m exhibiting 7 large format paintings. Like always, I’m presenting my naked girl character in different situations…and this time she’s fighting to maintain her happiness. I know NY will be very inspirational for me. Other than everything I want to see there, I hope to meet some artists whose work I enjoy and follow. The exhibition is 17th Feb- 26th March. So if anyone’s there then do come by.


Who’s work are you inspired by ?

There are a lot of artists whose work I admire… and it’s always been hard for me to choose a certain piece or certain artist.  But just today I asked a few friends – if they had to choose one artist to have tattooed on them (only one) who would that be? My answer was Basquiat! But now that I think about it more, maybe i would want a tattoo of a motif from one Misaki Kawai paintings. If you haven’t heard of her, you must see her work.


Who’s instagram is your favorite atm ?

Mine (he he).



Images courtesy of Nemanja Knežević.

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