La Vida Loca by Dušan Rajić

The exhibition of paintings and installations by Dušan Rajić “La vida loca” reveals the author’s (re)examination of various social situations, which most often permeate intimacy, through the dynamics of mutual relations. With this exhibition, he makes a step outside seductive, and into ephemeral manifestations of intimacy, and explores the basic issues of mutual relations – love, closeness, trust – but also everything that is reflected in superficiality, like the blockades, barriers and bridges we build between ourselves, or destroy. Thus, through the artistic process, the author’s personal perception – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously – reveals hidden emotions and relationships, which can be interpreted as a reflection of personal re-examination, but also as the opening of a wider social dialogue.


By freely combining different media and techniques – from the rudimentary nature of drawings, through the appropriation of classical painting techniques into contemporary currents, to digital printing on various materials – the author explores those obvious, but also suppressed manifestations of intimacy, which, in contemporary culture appear to revolve around openness and honesty, and calls for them to be fundamentally (re)examined. Such an approach poses a specific challenge to the author and the audience, and raises questions of possibilities and capabilities, that is, the limitations of visual representations to show something that is not only very personal in its essence, but also difficult to comprehend.


The characteristic of Dušan’s artistic opus is the irony that plays with everyday life and the reality that we are continuously witnessing, and more and more often our own unconscious roles in its genesis. This exhibition remains in the function of the author’s general art practice, with a special intention to encourage dialogue on the sensitive issue of our deeply intimate relationships, as well as the personal interactions in which we participate daily and whose nature irreversibly changes under the pressure of a distorted sense of reality.

INSTAGRAM ~ Dušan Rajić


Text – Friends

Photography – Milutin Marković

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