It’s a Color – Full world by Street Fashion Belgrade


World is a secret! Secret that is public from the start- We are alive…But often, that`s just not enough. We in the game, but why then do we play? Because…You don`t know me…fool! You disown me…cool! Check this: One thinks high, other one thinks higher. Many think, but not many know! & knowledge is all. Life on earth is incredible, it`s beautiful. Endless trip trough the time of now- constant present, past and future. It`s a gift, given for us but hidden from us…enjoy the trip to somewhere. We are unique…

In visual art, it`s easy to say what is unique, especially nowadays when we in this smart world of virtual ego realism, world of instant crap and beauty of mind terrorism that we are pulled in. Give me a brake, what world do you live in? Man, if you think you know, now you don`t know! When life becomes a confusion, it time for changes. Time for therapy. One is about to become a man! But please big man, don`t forget the kid inside yourself, it is one of the answers…Kids have no doubt, kids believe! They speak what they want, they explore, play games and they love to paint. This is no joke man. We kids of Belgrade will never die, just multiple! Colors, colors, colors….


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