Introducing Zoran Pungerčar

Name, occupation / What do you do for $ / What do you do creatively ?

Zoran, graphic designer / visual artist. After 7 years working in an agency I am now fresh freelancer. I do mostly graphic design, but I am also actively working on my art, which usually results in prints, drawings and paintings. With my friend Jure we also run small publishing house called Look Back and Laugh, that is mostly producing zines and artbooks. On the top of it, last year I started printing collective called Riso Paradiso with 4 of my friends, we* bought a riso printer together and it had huge impact on my work.


Where do you live ATM / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I am living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I like it, at the moment I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


What is that interests you about art?

I guess the need to create something, it’s a nice feeling.


What are you working ATM?

I had opening of my solo show last week. I also just published three new artbooks on Look Back and Laugh.


How long did you work on this ?

I was working on an exhibition for last half a year, on and off. Regarding the artbooks, I try to be involved with the process as much as I can so now since we have studio where we can print our own stuff with riso printer I try to print all the books I publish. Which lasted couple of months.


What is the inspiration behind your work ?

When I paint, I am mostly focused on the process, the color, the format and how different paintings work together when put in the same room. I usually don’t have a theme behind it, I like that people have their own interpretations of it. If I had to suggest the viewer how to »enjoy« these paintings, I would say that they should just turn their brains off and enjoy, like when meditating or something. My paintings usually tend to be very heavy on the eyes, but that is the point, I don’t want my art to be »light«, like something that people would hang in the their living room because it goes nicely with their sofa.


Whose work are you inspired by ?

From the art history I would definitely choose Cy Twombly and Ellsworth Kelly. From younger generation of artists I like work by Stephen Smith, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk Struan Teague, etc. I love the gritty drawings by Geran Knol or art duo A Woman and a Rodent and lately I’ve been really enjoying this wave of grafitti artists turned abstract painters – people like Ekta from Sweden, Kidcash Klub, Jeroen Erosie and others. In graphic design field I love absolutely everything that Braulio Amado produces and also lately I’ve been amazed by all the talent from Czech Republic like Jan Horcik, Marek Nedelka and others.


 Whose work do you recommend to view?

I’m gonna go totally local with this one since Slovenian art scene is booming right now and I’m very happy about it. In the drawing field I definitely recommend Leon Zuodar with his charming visuals, he is one of the most talented people I know, constantly producing something, be it drawings, prints or paintings. I also really like that he works in many different mediums, but still happen to capture the same energy in all of it. Also don’t miss Mina Fina’s work, her black and white monoprints or pencil drawings are one of my favorites for years. In the photography you cannot not notice bizzare and freaky world of Tadej Vaukman, he’s constantly capturing the freakiness that is out there. Also photography duo Najlepše mesto na svetu, two guys documenting the little moments on the streets of Ljubljana. Their photos always remind you to ask yourself if we are living in the same town, which is nice thing I guess, knowing there are some places in your hometown you have yet to explore. From graphic designers you can’t go wrong with Grupa Ee or work by Ajdin Bašić, both are killing it with the stuff they design for mostly cultural institutions.


Whose instagram is your favorite atm?

I don’t think I have one, I like how many new stuff I can discover on Instagram but currently I’ve been trying to focus on my shit more and not lose time on the internet so much.

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