Introducing The Tropical world of Kopito Zla

Name, occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

Kopito Zla , I’m mostly occupied with experimenting with tropical magnetic anomalies in a secret basement of my gloomy town. They help me get the results of my so far humble work. I’m paid by extraterrestrial funds to keep up the intense creating of drawings and paintings which allow me to communicate with other parallel universes and beings. In my spare time, I’m building a machine called (steamsmoke) which uses smog to open a portal into imagination and connects me to strange beings and landscapes, many of which you can usually find in one of my drawings.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live in Zagreb’s mesosphere. I call this town my home since I’m used to living in this underworld and couldn’t live anywhere else… I like the tempo and the people are okay and what’s most important they exist sometimes so if you want you can find someone to communicate with .  I imagine my future life as an idyllic tropical oasis where everything is turquoise and pink, there are only beaches and waves and no pressure and stress. Until then, I’ll be waiting for a part for my steamsmoke so I can begin my journey through the eleventh dimension.


What is it that interests you about art ?

Mostly the fact that there are no barriers. You can do anything you like without being burdened with whether someone will be satisfied with it. You decide what kind of a world and universe you present and also the technique you will use to do it.

I’ve always wanted to make children’s books because there are no limitations, you can let your imagination wander. Kids give you new ideas and they are not as close-minded as we ‘adults’ are. There are no obstacles to their creativity or problems with how to show it.


Whose work are you inspired by ?

Music and melodies inspire me a lot as well as films from the 70s like The Holy Mountain, The Wicker Man, Fantastic Planet and many others.


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