Introducing Seb Brown

Seb Brown is a self-taught jeweller and artist based in Melbourne. Brown incorporates ceramics, drawing, sculpture and digital collage in his practice. With a celebration of texture, angles and the awkward interactions between objects, Brown explores the overlooked and embraces imperfections.


What you do for $/ what you do creatively ?

I work as a contemporary jeweller and artist. I make money from the jewellery and it funds my art practice. My jewellery work is experimental and self taught so the outcome is always different and depends on the material I am working with at the time. I also paint, draw, take shit photos and make small sculpture.


Where do you live/ where do you call home/ where do you dream to live ?

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia – I always end up back here! Home is a small town on the coast three hours from Melbourne where it’s always cold and windy.


What is it that interests you about art ?

Art interests me because it can be anything. It’s a refreshing escape. I feel like every child is interested in art in some way and most people lose interest over time, but the lucky ones stay interested their whole lives – being an artist is very child-like.


What was the inspo behind this project  ?

I used images of my own sculptures and made them into flat works, kind of like a DIY flyer for an event which will never happen. I like to add elements of the human body, to mess with the ambiguity of scale.


How long have you worked on this project ?

I made these collages in an afternoon. They are an exploration into layering and using found images, changing them with lines which are obviously hand-drawn. I also like using the photocopier as a tool, because it makes a nice messy image and its cheap.


What are you working on atm ?

I am having a break right now, haven’t thought about jewellery for a month! But when I get back I’m working on adding to my precious range of rings using baguette cut diamonds and 18ct yellow gold. I’m also working on a show which will be a cluster of small sculptures made from all kinds of materials.


Whose work are you inspired by ?

The intimacy of Nan Goldin’s photos and the immediacy and raw expression in Sally Gabori’s paintings. I also really like flowers.


Who’s instagram is your favorite atm ?

Fecal Matter


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