Introducing Melbourne Artist: Isabel Buck

‘To Move(Records of Action)’  2018


Name, occupation / What you do for a living? / What you do creatively?

Isabel Gabriela Buck. I currently study full time at RMIT University, completing a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours). I also work in retail to support my studies.


Where do you live at the moment? / Where do you call home? / Where do you dream to live?

Moving from Mullumbimby NSW, I have now lived in Melbourne long enough to feel at home in both places. I dream to live in Europe for a part of my life, maybe Germany.


What is it that interests you about art?

My interest in art came from a very young age. Growing up we had no television or devices and I would draw and paint with my sister for hours. When undertaking undergraduate studies my work changed dramatically, I think this is when I found my feet and began to work with sculpture and installation. My interest lies within the idea of an artwork beholding a functional element. It’s presence, whether through physical or psychological interaction may challenge the human experience of space. Architecture is also a discipline largely influential to my work, the basis continuously drives my practice. 

‘To Move(Records of Action)’  2018

‘To Move(Records of Action)’  2018


What is the inspiration behind your work? / Who inspires you?

My work investigates the architectural devices that surround, divide and made space(s). I often re-create and alter devices such as wall, doors and floors to highlight their functional ability and success. I am also interested in the dysfunction of a device and the affect this may have on the viewer. Through large scale structures my work aims to create an awareness of the spaces we enter, exit and travel through.


My more recent work furthers my research of dysfunction or non-function. To Move(Records of Action), is a series of cement castings, recording individual action in order to trigger a re-action. The objects functional qualities are altered through material outcome. This contrast allows them to function as impressions of former action.


At the moment I draw inspiration from artists Karsten Födinger, Oscar Tuazon and Isa Genzken. 


Whose Instagram is your favorite at the moment?

I mostly research through other means, but art wise I enjoy the Instagram @arteaesthete.

‘The Space in-between’  2016

‘Enter, Exit Space’  2017 – On Being

‘Study of Separation device’  2017 – On Being

‘Study of Separation device’  2017 – On Being



‘To Move(records of Action)’ photography by ~ Isabel Buck

‘On Being’ curated by Charlotte Cornish at The Honeymoon Suite Gallery, Melbourne. Photography by ~ Andre Piguet 

‘The Space in-between’ photography by ~ Isabelle de Kleine


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