Introducing Emir Šehanović

Name, occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

Emir Šehanović / Visual Artist / I do sculptures, installation, videos, collages. Also I am freelance graphic and motion graphic designer.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live in Belgrade / Home is where my closest ones are / I do not have certain place in mind. It could be anywhere where I feel good and function normally.


What is it that interests you about art ?

What interests me most about art is thinking about it, experimenting with new materials, exploring new techniques, endless search for new ways of doing it and the special feeling I get from the final result.


What was the inspo behind your work ? who are you inspired by ?

The practical processes of ritual and ceremonial magic are an important source of inspiration for me. 


Who are you inspired by ?

I am inspired by any creative person, it could be a musician or carpenter.


Whose instagram is your favorite atm ?


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