Introducing Belgrade based artist Aleksandar Denić

Name, occupation / What you do for $ / What you do creatively ?

Aleksandar Denić / I’m a painter /I paint pop stars, politicians and other national icons. My main income is my art and I work mostly on consignment and sometimes have installations at galleries.


Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I’m From Belgrade, I live in New Belgrade. I mostly like to live in places that resemble the Blocks of New Belgrade, like block 45. I visited Brussels once and liked it a lot .


What is it that interests you about art ?

I listen to music a lot that’s why i paint a lot of national pop stars. Im interested in trying to live up different historical events. Some them are just my imagination, but I try to present them in the way I feel they happened.


What was the inspo behind your work ?

My intension is to break the border between the surface of the actual painting and the viewer.


What are you working on atm ?

At the moment I’m working on few things. I’m working on my own fanzine called “The days of Denic”. Also, I’m cooperating with the guys that are organising “Novo Doba” and drawing a poster for their festival.

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