… i tako u beskraj by Mario Kolarić


Name, occupation / What you do for a living? / What you do creatively?
Mario Kolarić, visual artist. On a daily basis, I make illustrations and motion graphic animation for clients, but lately that is shifting towards selling more of my work through a gallery or by myself. Mostly, I work in the field of drawing, and sometimes implementing it in space through objects and installations. 


Where do you live at the moment? / Where do you call home? / Where do you dream to live?
I live in Belgrade (Serbia). I see myself as a family man type of person, so my home is where my wife and dog are. Somewhere where it is always warm and sunny… Spring is good, also. I have a few ideas where that could be and I am working on it to move there.


What is it that interests you about art?
It’s just a way of exploring a world around me, and probably inside me, too. Although I don’t really draw or paint stuff by nature, I really enjoyed that part of my education where I got to sit down and observe an object or a person that I had to draw or paint. There’s some magic in it.


What are you working on at the moment ( tell us something about the exhibition ) & How long have you worked on this project ?
The opening of my second solo show in Belgrade was a few days ago. Through several months, I was dwelling on a few different ideas for the show, so the final idea was a result of only two months of work. Since the show is pretty simple, it was just enough to finish it. I decided to explore a little bit further some of my thoughts about drawing itself and the process that goes around my head while I work. The basic idea revolves around the idea that paper is not just a mere surface that supports the drawing, but it is an object as well. A kind of object that you can enter and explore. A sort of landscape that calls to be stepped in.


What was the inspiration behind this project ? What is the inspiration behind your work? 
For a long time now I have been mostly inspired by landscapes. I don’t have some particular landscape in mind, just a landscape. A second big, (let’s call it inspiration), is sound. Usually, the way I decide if some of the drawings are a success or a failure is by waiting to see if I managed to capture some kind of sound in it. Or if it resonates a sound from within.


Whose Instagram is your favorite at the moment?
Right now it’s jerrysaltz profile. He’s an NY art critic that still tries to make some noise in the world of art criticism. Plus, he’s pretty funny on daily basis. Also, there is galerijacobbjorn from Denmark. I love to see what they will exhibit next, and in general I enjoy Denmark’s contemporary art scene.


The exhibition may be viewed until June 22nd 2018 at the gallery of Belgrade Youth Center.


Photos by Emilija Radojčić and Nemanja Knežević



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