At home with Seala Lokollo Evans

Photography by Elise Grace

Where do you live atm / Where do you call home / Where do you dream to live ?

I live in Melbourne I call Mullumbimby home, that’s where my parents live / I hope to live one day near the sea, with some space to have animal friends and a big kiln.


What is it that interests you about art ?

Art interests me as a language, a way of communicating. I love looking at everything, so visual language works well for me. It interests me.


What was the inspo behind your work ?

My work is inspired by the experiences I have in this life, the experiences others have in this life…..myths, songs, dance, nature, cooking, sleeping, loving, crying… as an observer I suppose I reflect what I see, hear and feel in my work, so my work is a reflection of those experiences.


Who are you inspired by ?

I am interested in Aaron C. Carter’s work, he is currently exhibiting a solo show at The Honeymoon Suite, Brunswick Melbourne.


Whose instagram is your favorite atm ?

I like Thomas Houseago instagram.

Photography by Elise Grace.


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